50 Graphical Effects

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50 Graphical Effects



The look of a game is an important factor in overall game design process.

To make adding eye-candy easier to add, a small team has put together a collection of effects that you can add to your current project.

Each example is in YYZ format, so you can import the project files into any paid edition of GameMaker Studio 2.

A download link will be send by email as soon as payment is confirmed,

There effects covered are:

Autonomous Turrets
Blood Effects
Bomb Throw Effect
Book – Lightning
Book Astro Gravity
Boost Movement Effect
Bullet Holes
Character Selection
Coin Collection Effect
Cool Intro Chapter Text
Custom Controls
Destructible Terrain
Draw Text Special Example
Draw Text With Border
Dynamic Clickable Button
Fade in Out Room Transition
Film Style Credits
Floating Wobbly Text
Ghost Follow Player
Infinite Runner
Interesting Health Bars
Item Throb Effect
Knockback Effect
On Screen Keybaord
Outline Effect
Parallax Background
Password Easteregg
Player Movement Sprite Control
Pushable Objects
Queued Message
Reflection Shader
Ropes Between Objects
Rotating Mini Map
Rpg Talking Text
Screen Flash Damage Indicator
Screen Shake
Scroll Menu
Select Multiple Troops
Shadow Effect
Slowly Move
Slowly Rotate to Angle
Snap to Position
Split Screen
State Machine
Targeted Parabloic Paths
Text Highlight
Tool Tip Popup


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