Advanced Game Design & Programming In GameMaker Studio 2

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Later this month I’ll be releasing a new book, Advanced Game Design & Programming In GameMaker Studio 2.

This book is a continuation of Introduction To Game Design & Programming

I’m expecting this to be my best book yet. It will cover 40 advanced topics such as:

  • Saving & Loading Data Structures
  • Partical Effects
  • Advanced Path Finding
  • Basic Shaders
  • Queued Message System
  • Adjusting For Different Screen Resolutions
  • Setting Up and Using Physics
  • User Created Level Design
  • Using The Debugger
  • Advanced Health Bars
  • Using Tiles To Create a Level Layout
  • Positional Audio
  • Adding Gamepad Support
  • Exporting To Different Platforms
  • Room Transitions Using Surfaces
  • Using Hit Boxes In Fighting Games
  • Camera Control
  • Using The Marketplace (Buying & Selling)
  • + Lots More!!


All resources and example projects are included.

As with all my books, you’re free to reuse code in your own projects – both free and paid.


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