Everything You Need To Know – eBook

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Everything You Need To Know – eBook


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Over the past 10 years or so I have written 15 books on making games in GameMaker, GameMaker Studio and GameMaker Studio 2.

Over the summer I’ll be compiling and writing a new book.

This new book is 400 pages, about 200 pages are new and original, whilst the remaining 200 pages come from my previous books – all updated with new code for the latest version of GameMaker Studio 2.

This book does cover the basics, which is great if you are new to game programming in GameMaker Studio 2, however it quickly progress on to more advances concepts.

Regardless of your current GML skill level, you’re sure to find ideas that will take your knowledge and games to the next level.

Includes contents from the following books:

100 Programming Challenges – This is one of my most popular books, I have taken 25 challenges from this book.

Practical GameMaker Studio – A great introduction to GML, contains all the main points you need to know in a newly condensed form.

Learn RPGs – I’ve taken some of the game elements for the new book.

Practical GameMaker Projects – A new updated version of the match 3 game.

Intermediate Guide – A new an improved of the shop from this book.

Tips & Tricks – Has 25 of my favorites from this book.

Classic Gaming / 50 Retro Games – From this book I have taken 5 of my favourite retro game remakes.

Casual Gaming – Have taken and majorly updated the quiz game from this book.

Resources – Also includes all resources so you can remake all games and projects.

+200 Pages of new content – 400 Pages In Total

Order Today & Get 50% Off

As you can see, there is a lot going on.

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