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Retro Games

Consists of book & GMZ project files. I’m in the process of converting to GameMaker Studio 2’s YYZ format, and will email them through when done. Has GMZ project files for some basic remakes of the 50 games. See the games here

Introduction To Game Design & Programming

After Completing This Book You Will Know How To:

  • Find Your Way Around The IDE
  • Import Sprites & Audio
  • Set Up Objects
  • Add GML Code To Object Events
  • Make Objects React To Player Input
  • Set Up Enemies & Basic AI
  • Program Basic GML Functions
  • How To Plan Your Game
  • How Beta Testing Works
  • How To Finance & Budget Your Game Project
  • How To Edit Assets

The main areas covered in the book are: Starting With An Idea This section covers what you need to do with your initial ideas and how to take them forward.   Initial Planning & Preparation Take your ideas forward, design the basic game layout, what objects will be present, and how they will interact.   Software & Financing Software and resources cost money, this chapter covers some of the options available when funding your game.   Game Assets Where to get assets, depending on your game budget.   Refining Resources Setting up and editing resources so they are ready for your game.   Beta Testing & Debugging Testing the game, fixing bugs, and implementing feedback.   Programming Covers some of the coding required to implement aspects from your game design. This also covers a way to make the game in small chunks, so you can test it as you go.   Game Refinement Polishing off the game and making it ready for publication.   Final Testing Final checks before publishing.   Publishing & Game Promotion How to promote your game and get it played.   Summary Other things to consider.   Appendix In depth guide to commonly used GML. A great investment for any budding game developer. Also suitable for use in class. In total, the book has 400 pages.

Make Games Without Coding In GameMaker Studio 2

This book is on pre-order. This book is aimed at young learners from 7-12 years old. Also suitable for other ages. This book assumes no prior experience of coding or use of GameMaker Studio 2. Learn step-by-step to create an awesome arcade game without any coding. Create a game using Drag & Drop (Dnd™ YoYoGames). Packed full of screen shots that you can follow along with. Every step is explained. The logic of using DnD™ is the same as coding, so after finishing this book you will have the skills needed to start experimenting with GML code. Plus: If you pre-order, you will have access to an exclusive poll enabling you to vote on which game is made in the book. Consists of a download of the ebook in PDF, free kindle version, all resources and project files needed to make the game.

50 Graphical Effects For GameMaker Studio 2

Consists of a download of 50 Graphical Effects in YYZ Project Format For GameMaker Studio 2 Has the following effects:

  • Autonomous Turrets Blood Effects Bomb Throw Effect Book – Lightning Book Astro Gravity Boost Movement Effect Bullet Holes Character Selection Coin Collection Effect Cool Intro Chapter Text Custom Controls Destructible Terrain draw text special example Draw Text With Border Dynamic Clickable Button Fade In Out Room Transition Film Style Credits Floating Wobbly Text Ghost Follow Player Infinite Runner Interesting Health Bars Item Throb Effect knockback effect On Screen Keybaord Outline Effect Parallax Background Particles Password Easteregg Player Movement Sprite Control Pushable Objects Queued Message Radar Reflection Shader Ropes Between Objects Rotating Mini Map RPG Talking Text screen flash damage indicator Screen Shake Scroll Menu Select Multiple Troops Shadow Effect Shop Slowly Move Slowly Rotate To Angle Snap To Position Split Screen State Machine Targeted Parabloic Paths Text Highlight Tool Tip Popup

Zombie Defense Game

This book is on pre-order. This step-by-step guide covers all the programming you need to make your own awesome tower defence game! Includes Features Such As:

  • Multiple Towers
  • Tower Upgrades
  • Intuitive User Input
  • Health Control
  • Advanced Enemy Path Finding
  • Cool Effects

100 Tips & Tricks In GameMaker Studio 2

I’ve been working with GameMaker Studio (and its previous iterations) for over ten years. Over that time I’ve picked up lots of cool coding tips and tricks, and this book is a compilation of my favorites. As per the title, this book has 100 cool tricks and tips that you can do in GameMaker Studio 2. The book itself will be around 300 pages, and include a completed project file in YYZ for each example. This will be my final full length book, as in April I will start working on my mini ebook series Here. I’m working on this book now, so should be out really soon.  



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