Zombie Defence Game eBook Project & Resources GameMaker Studio 2

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Zombie eBook & Resources

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Zombie Defence Game Book Project & Resources

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Learn to design and program a desktop style Tower Defence Game

It has many cool features such as:
 Purchase Weapons With Cash
 Mulitple Enemies
 Tower Types
 Homing Missiles
 Pathfinding Enemies
 Multiple Levels
 Intuative Controls
 Sell Towers
 Upgrade Towers
 Cash System
 Health System
 Special Nuke Weapon
 Tool Tips
 Music & Audio Control
 Intelligent Weapons Placement
 Scrolling Credits / How To Play
 Score Save System

If you have ever wanted to make a tower defence game, now you can learn how to make one.

Like all my ebooks and projects, you can reuse code in your own games – both free and paid!



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