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Make 4 awesome games in GameMaker Studio 2 without any coding!!

This 280+ page book shows you step-by-step how to make games.

Great if you're new to GMS2 or a you are a younger learner.

It's a great introduction to creating games, as the logic is the same as coding, so you when you're ready to progress onto code; the transition is easy.

Includes all project files and resources.

Lots of screenshots in full colour
Includes All Resources & Project Files
A step-by-step guide to making four games using GameMaker Studio’s 2 Drag and Drop game system in PDF format.
Aswell as teaching how to make four classic games, it will also introduce readers to using the GameMaker Studio’s 2 IDE, how to import assets, along with useful tips along the way. Each step includes a screenshot (in colour for ebook version) and text to explain what needs to be done (and why) as you combine actions to make a game.
This book is ideal for young learners taking their first steps in game design and programming, but also suitable for those who need or want a crash course in Drag and Drop.

Book length is approx 260 pages.

A take on the classic snake game. A great introduction to using the IDE and adding actions. Demonstrates the basics such as making things happen on a keypress, using sprites, basic audio and GUI.
A fun game where you have to score 501 in as few darts as possible.
A fully working multiple choice question game.
A zombie themed platform game with lots of cool features.

10 Additional Game Projects >br>In conclusion, there are 10 game projects for students to make, ranging in difficulty from easiest to hard. Sprite and sound resources are provided. You or your students can choose which games to tackle and make. This section of the book is very useful if you are teaching a mixed ability class, as stronger students can work on this section whilst you mentor other students.
Educational UseThis book is well suited for educational use. The ebook is in PDF format and also includes a folder of all 200+ images from the book in PNG format, great for presentations.

"Make Games Without Coding In GameMaker Studio 2"

ISBN: 9781086203325

Paperback ASIN: 1086203321

eBook: ASIN: B07W76R83R

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