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Over the last ten years or so I have written many books on game programming, and have completed over two-hundred game projects. During that time I have learnt GML coding to a reasonable level, and have picked up many skills, tips and tricks and methology for making games in GameMaker & Game Maker Studio 2.

The purpose of this book is to provide you with some of the knowledge that I have acquired.  I make no claim that I’m the best coder or designer, but I do have a procicient understanding that I would like to instill on other budding game makers.

Through my website, I set up a number of polls and gained feedback on what game to make and which graphics to use, In total over 500 people voted, and chose a side-scrolling war zone themed shooter. Thanks to everyone who voted. This book covers my approach to make said game.

Unlike previous books of mine that focused mainly on the actual GML code, this book covers the full design progress, with some code thrown in. It focuses on:

  • Starting With An Idea
  • Initial Planning & Preparation
  • Game Design Considerations
  • Financing
  • Outsourcing For Graphics & Audio
  • Refining Resources
  • Programming
  • Beta Testing & Debugging
  • Game Refinement
  • Publishing
  • Game Promotion

In total, I expect the book to be around 400 pages, which will cover a lot of ground. There will also be an exe of the finished game for you to download and play.

Game Resources

This game will consist of graphics and audio from a number of sites, due to licensing restrictions I can’t provide them as a download, but I will include the links to below, so you can access them should you decide to make the game covered in this book. The main focus of the book is on the design considerations, with some of the more prominate coding dissected and explained. You will not need the assets to enjoy this book.

The main areas covered in the book are:

Starting With An Idea

This section covers what you need to do with your initial ideas and how to take them forward

Initial Planning & Preparation

Take your ideas forward, design the basic game layout, what objects will be present, and how they will interact.

Game Design Considerations

Possible design issues, and how to tweak your ideas.


Software and resources cost money, this chapter covers some of the options available when funding your game.

Outsourcing For Graphics & Audio

Where to get assets, depending on your game budget.

Refining Resources

Setting up and editing resources so they are ready for your game,


Covers some of the coding required to implement aspects from your game design. This also covers a way to make the game in small chunks, so you can test it as you go.

Beta Testing & Debugging

Testing the game, fixing bugs, and implementing feedback.

Game Refinement

Polishing off the game and making it ready for publication.


Where to publish your game.

Game Promotion

How to promote your game and get it played.


Get Involved

You can get:

  • Prototypes and mock-ups
  • A special page with latest news
  • Exclusive polls
  • Copy of the ebook
  • Copy of the final game project (exe)
  • Your name in the book and game as a contributor

Special: Click Here To Get Free eBook When You Order The Paperback