Books For Learning GameMaker Studio 2

A selection of books, suitable for a range of skill levels.

eBooks In PDF Format

eBooks are provided in PDF so you can read them on a range of devices.

New Content Every Week

New eBook material is added every week.

New Project - A New eBook Every Two Weeks

For the next year or so, I will be releasing a new ebook every two weeks. Each issue will cover 2 programming elements.

Issue #1 covers the process of making a shop system for you game, and how to download levels from a website.

Planned Issue Contents:

#1 Shop & Downloading Levels

#2 Parallax & Level Select

#3 Vote Here


New To GameMaker Studio 2?

After Completing This Book You Will Know How To:

  • Find Your Way Around The IDE
  • Import Sprites & Audio
  • Set Up Objects
  • Add GML Code To Object Events
  • Make Objects React To Player Input
  • Set Up Enemies & Basic AI
  • Program Basic GML Functions
  • How To Plan Your Game
  • How Beta Testing Works
  • How To Finance & Budget Your Game Project
  • How To Edit Assets


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