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GameMaker Studio 2 book collection
Step by step guide to gamemaker studio 2

Step-By-Step Instructions To Guide You & Teach The Basics You'll Need


Lots Of Screenshots So You Can Easily Follow Along

gamemaker studio 2 books in pdf

Provided In PDF So You Can Read On A Range Of Devices - Also Available In Paperback


Guides you through using the IDE, how to add and use GML code, and basics such as using variables, drawing, and data structures.

Over 500 pages of content.

30+ projects to test your skills of GML as you work through the basic functions.

(Includes example project files for each task)

Learn GameMaker Studio 2 ebooks and resources for GMS2

After Completing GameMaker Studio 2 Introduction To Game Design & Programming Book You Will Know How To:

Find Your Way Around The IDE
Import Sprites & Audio
Set Up Objects
Add GML Code To Object Events
Make Objects React To Player Input
Set Up Enemies & Basic AI
Program Basic GML Functions
How To Plan Your Game
How Beta Testing Works
How To Finance & Budget Your Game Project
How To Edit Asset

This mammoth 500 page book covers all the bases you need to start making your own games with GameMaker Studio 2.

You don’t need any prior experience of design or coding to learn how to make a computer games. This book guides you through all the steps. After finishing this book you will have the skills to start making your own games.

Over the last ten years or so I have written many books on game programming, and have completed over two-hundred game projects.

During that time I have learnt GML coding to a reasonable level, and have picked up many skills, tips and tricks and methodology for making games in GameMaker & Game Maker Studio 2.

The purpose of this book is to provide you with some of the knowledge that I have acquired. I make no claim that I’m the best coder or designer, but I do have a proficient understanding that I would like to instill on other budding game makers.

Unlike previous books of mine that focused mainly on the actual GML code, this book covers the full design progress, along with in-depth explanations, examples, and project for commonly used code.

Get instant access to introduction to gamemaker studio 2

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